May 28, 2011

Today Was a Good Day...x15

Want to know why?

1. I woke up and chatted with my Mom.
2. Got confirmation emails of Grad school reference letters.
3. Got a birthday present from my Grandparents.

Grammy and Grampy, Lake Junulusca
4. Got approved to take my last Unit at Murdoch next semester.
5. Will be starting getting my personal training certificate in August!!
6. Our friends Simon and Tash had their baby!
Charlotte Grace Steenhof

7. I went for a wonderful run on the beach, in wonderful weather!
8. Got to see my friend Shannon's art studio in Fremantle and help her Op Shop for some furniture.
9. While Op Shopping, saw Jim Kelley, a once alcoholic (now clean,) homeless (now sheltered,) ol Scottish man that used to take care of our church building, but left for a "personal reasons." He gave me a huge hug and it was wonderful to see him.

10. Discovered a new cafe, Gourmet on Wray and had a delicious burger!
11. Visited my butcher friend, Guy, and he cut me some beautiful lamb shanks to cook for dinner!
12. Found .99 cent avocadoes at a local grown/owned supermarket.
13. Found out Ben was coming home a day early! Yay! I haven't seen him in a week because he's been working in Port Hedland. I also chatted with Ben's parents, so good to hear their voice and know that they were thinking of me.
14. My best friend Betsy is in Germany and Austria with her Mum/Mom. They did a Sound of Music Tour in Salzberg and it made me smile to know she was fulfilling one of her lifelong dreams!!

Gates of the Von Trapp Mansion


Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

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