May 23, 2011

Hail To Thee Our Alma Mater

I am so PROUD of all of my friends back home that have just celebrated their Bacclaurate Ceremonies. Some of my best friends have just graduaed from Wofford, Clemson, South Carolina, and College of Charleston, and CSU. I sure graduation was a special, emotional, and memorable time for everyone!

Studying for exams has been rather hard since I have spent my time being distracted by graduation photos on Facebook and "Summer is here" status updates! Not easy to stay focused. (Don't read that Mom.)

HOWEVER, in this time of nostalgia, reflecting on Wofford, and even my high school graduation 4 years ago, I am overwhelmed with sweet memories with sweet friends! I am so blessed by each of your friendships! Living in another country has definately shown me that no matter how much time passes before we see one another, we always pick right back up where we left off! THAT. IS. A. BEST. FRIEND.

I dug up this old high school photo the other day. How much have we changed! Love you girls!

SJHS Gradution, 2007
This song also reminds me of High School graduation, seems like ages ago!
Thanks for reading- and happy Graduation/Summer/Exam Prep!
(36 Days until the USA... But who's counting!)

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  1. Anonymous9:46 pm

    It was wonderful to read your blog this morning!! Now that I am out for the summer, I can leisurely do these things ;)
    Yay Summer, although I do miss my 2nd graders. Loved teaching kindergarten, but somehow these little munchkins really know how to steal your heart!!
    Reading your blog made me feel close to you this morning Allie. Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait to hug you in July! Take care sweet and beautiful girl. The Inlet still whispers your name...xoxoxo
    I seem to be having trouble posting this LOL, so if it comes up Anonymous, you know it is me! Mrs. Nan


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