May 18, 2011

Paddling Out The Back in the Outback!

I don't think these photos do enough justice. However, with limited skills with a digital SLR and beautiful scenery to capture, enjoy these few from our 3000km road trip to Gnaraloo Station, to do some of Australia's finest "riding of tubes" + dodging reefs + hiding from men in grey suits. :) (PS don't read this Mom but there was a shark attack at the Bluff shown below where the boys paddled out while we were there!!)

Red Bluff- 15ft. overhead, photo credit: Cousin Nick

Blowholes- Someone was pretty keen to get surfing!

When we weren't surfing we were catching dinner (this one was literally caught with a piece of straw!)

And when we weren't surfing or fishing... you guessed it- kitesurfing!

3 Mile Camp


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