May 16, 2011


You know what. Even in our trials and tribulations, HE REIGNS. God is THERE in our darkest hours! He NEVER leaves us or forsakes us (Hebrews 1:5). How lovely is it to know that the OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT KING of the Universe has been, is, and WILL BE. When we are troubled, we can rest in these promises! He always has the PERFECT plan for each of us.

Today, I was reminded of JUST THAT. I am rejoicing this week in that my Australian Mum, Jimmy-Lynn, has come back to Perth for 10 days from North Carolina, all the way in the USA, for Hannah's wedding. I am so excited to have some quality "family catch up time" with her and reminisce on the past few months together because I haven't seen her since January! She played such a huge part in my life while I was settling down in Australia, and even takes the cake for introducing Ben and I :) Since coming to Australia, her family has become quite close to my family as well.

Well, my REAL Mom sent over some of my winter clothes (along with my mail, some of my beloved Mary Kay, magazines, and winter shoes) from home because it is starting to get quite cold here! I was so thankful that Jim brought them over for me around the world and Mom didn't have to ship them! (She even carried my extra luggage just for me with a broken foot!)

Jim, Caitlyn, and I at Jodie's wedding last year

She left my things in our churches office yesterday, and since I wasn't at church last night (due to a final Adamson-Zahra-family post-wedding-pre-honeymoon dinner) Jim and I went to pick them up this afternoon, after school. However, to our disbelief, my things were nowhere to be found! Somewhere along the way, somebody (I think) thought my things were to be given away to the homeless people that come to our church.

As much as I want to cry (and did have a little unleash the dragon, cry to Ben, the world is going to end one,) God is so good because I KNOW that those clothes are going to go to someone that really needs them. I am excited to celebrate with the next Aboriginal lady that walks into our church fashioned in a new J Crew wardrobe :) I am not going to be bitter but will rejoice in that I was so reminded today that "The things of this world will grow strangely dim!" Life is NOT about the material possessions. Thank you Jesus for molding me into the woman you want me to be, I long to live with more of an eternal perspective!
P.S. I DID ended up finding one special piece of my mail (under the church coffee machine- weird) from my little sister, Abbie. Thank you Jesus for still allowing me to have the most important thing that Mom probably sent! A smile from my sweet baby sister!
P.P.S. If God DIDN'T have a sense of humor, He does today! In my wallowing in my own sorrows, I came home and checked my mail, and He provided, FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS, a package from my sweet grandmother. Talk about Sovereignty!!

Loving the things that really matter- my letters from Grammy and Abbie


  1. Gail Byrd8:58 pm

    Allie, Thanks for the reminder about things that matter and eternal perspective. Just sent Mckenzie out the door for her summer beach project, and Lauren's wedding last night...investing Jesus in people is high priority! Love you. By the way, I get a weather report from Perth reminds me to pray for you:)

  2. Your loss is really your gain! You just lived out your May 10 post! Love you, Aunt Judy


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