May 09, 2011

A Brief-Over-A-Year Haitus

     Isn't it funny how you set your mind to start (and finish) so many things, but yet, after the starting. starts.. the finishing never happens? For me personally, this can be applied to my herb garden (only the basil is surviving, who would have thought that plants need watering,) organizing old subject notes to pass along to my brother who is also studying biology (shout out to Bio majors!), keeping up with regular emailing, and ding ding, you guessed it, BLOGGING!

     After a brief (cough, over a year,) break from blogging, SHE'S BACK. I have been engulfed in the blogging world and regularly (and by regularly I mean DAILY) read other friends blogs that I ADORE. Then I thought to myself, I really need to start getting MY THOUGHTS and funny experiences written down as well (again.) Especially because A. I live LITERALLY as far away from South Carolina as you can, and B. with any travelling and living away from your home town comes a digression of communication with those you love. Therefore, the only practical solution to this is to become... no, not an every-3-second-facebook-status-updater, or a "tweeter" (still don't know what that is...) but a BLOGGER!.

A revived blogger, and feeling like a Carrie Bradshaw writer again.

     The first step is admitting. I... Allie... am officially a BLOGGER. LET THE BLOGGING BEGIN (again.)

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  1. As an Aussie, to get all American on you: "You go girl!!!!!!"


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