May 11, 2011

Short Soy Decaf Half Strength Latte

I love my job [although it has turned me into a coffee snob caffeine addict, instant coffee is I dare to say the root of all evil.] When you work in hospitality, there are bound to be things that just make you laugh and on the other spectrum just plain get under your skin! Nevertheless, I have come to find that making the perfect coffee is such an artform, and I find so much joy in giving people their coffee on their way to work every day (or whenever people choose to drink their coffee.) It is truly the perfect job for a student as well, like myself, because working in a coffee shop means flexible hours and no nights! Woot!
Maybe one day my coffees can look this pretty!
Little things that make people smile make my job so worth it (such as throwing in extra shots of coffee for free, or giving their dog a little biscuit.) I have been here for over a year now, and have gotten to know so many loyal customers, which has its perks! For example, I've gotten my gym membership, SCUBA instructing, discounted shoes, and meat from the butchers just from being friendly to the people whose coffee orders I memorize every day! I think that's what community is about though really, and my heart smiles so much when I think of our Fremantle community. It is about supporting each other, and "going local" with who you want to give your business to!

On the other end of the spectrum- I almost wanted to spit in this coffee today-

Me: "Good Morning! How are you today?"
Customer: "GIVE ME A... short sized skinny soy half strength latte with a sweetner and a half heated to 90 degrees. No straw. I have to pay in coins."

PUH-LEASE! Do I dare say would you like a complementary cookie on top? Have a GRAN-DAY!

A photo I took at at Overflow Cafe in Northbridge
My co-worker, Maddie. The A-Team! Best baristas in Perth :)

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