May 20, 2011

Singing In The Rain

Hey Perth. Thanks for finally raining!
Hey Perth. Thanks for nothing for the warning.
Hey Perth- next time, tell me before all of my clothes on the line get SOAKED! Oh, how I took my dryer in the USA for GRANTED!!
Loving the soaked look.
BUT- I must say that the best part of this rainy day was PUDDLES. While I was at work making coffees, our store flooded from all of the rain! So what did we do? No, not mop. But play in it! My co-worker Terri and I turned our store into a RAVE with the flourescent coffee lights on and up-beat music, hiked our pants up and jumped in the puddles!

We danced and pretended like we were in Step Up 2.

How fun is that?!

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