June 20, 2011

"The Pose"

I am excited to go to the USA for...

A Murrells Inlet summer.... 4th of July (go AMERICUH!)...The smell of the inlet, beach, and river... seafood... family... Myrtle Beach memories... a lazy day in the hot sand of the Pointe... boating and skiing... beach music... sun dresses... the Garden City Chapel... catching up with old friends, and enjoying life!

Bring it on! I'm going home!

My best friend Betsy, is someone I am looking forward to seeing the most. She has been there for me through the years, and our friendship has ceased to die or fall short even though we've been apart for a year and a half. She has supported me through thick and thin, been a shoulder to cry on, someone to fall over laughing with, and make more memories together than anyone I know.

Aunt Jodie's Dock 2010

Christmas 2010

Summer 2009

TORY Awards 2008

New Orleans 2007

Can't wait to see ya Bets! Love you SHRUBSIE!

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  1. Oh, my HEART. Your mom is a fortunate girl to get to witness this reunion twice! I am having to pray not to be jealous. So far, not working. Enjoy every minute!


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