June 13, 2011

Looks like a Flower but she Stings like a BEE!

On Saturday night we celebrated Ben's brother in law, Jono's 30th birthday. We had a big bash with about 60 people, and because Jono is a twin, the fancy dress theme was Famous Duos! The last time I went to a famous duo party was my first ever Freshman year sorority function (Zlam!) and my friend Wilson and I went as K-Fed and Britney. There was a K-Fed and Britney duo last night as well, except she was really pregnant! Classic! 
Amber and I, Freshman year roommate, 2007!

 Side note... Amber just got married two weeks ago, congratulations!!

Wilson (K-Fed) and I (Britney Spears), 2007...Where has that flat stomach gone?!
Side note 2: Wilson's family are close friends of the Linkstons in Ashville. When I first moved to Australia, we made that connection. Small world!... And Wilson is now engaged... Congrats!

It has been my lifelong dream to dress up as a bee- so when I heard about this fancy dress party... I knew I had to indeed be a bee. So what is a Bee's duo?? A flower- duh! Unbeknowingst to Ben, he was going to be the flower half of my brillant idea. He was a good sport- but his only condition was that he would be a sundlower. Done and done.

We had an awesome time, catching up with new and old friends! Enjoy the photos:

Barbie and Ken

Clark Kent and Superman- 2 in 1!

The birthday twins! Burt and Ernie

A sheep and a Kiwi

The queen bee and her sunflower!
In conclusion, in honor of flower and bees, let us not forget the inspiration of it all-

Thanks for reading!

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