June 09, 2011

Double 2's!

Happy day of Birth to me!
I just wanted to thank EVERYONE that took the time to wish me a happy birthday- you are all very special and dear to my heart!

Random facts:
Did you know that if I was born 6 hours earlier, my birthday would have been 6-7-89? Cool huh!

Other fun facts about June 8th, 1989:
You are 8,031 days old.
You are 192,744 hours old.
You are 11,564,697 minutes old

Today I was so surprised by how many beautiful treats and acts of kindess were bestowed upon me from my friends, literally all over the world!

Gerber Daiseys and Tulips from my friend, Laura!

Wild flowers from my co-worker Serene!
... and the biggest surprise of all!.... 
Ben got me a brand new surfboard!!
I was so excited when he gave this to me, I love this brand of board, and actually ride the exact same size, but have been borrowing it from my friend Simon. Mini mal's are my favorite board to catch waves on and this one is just so devine and girly! This one is 7'0 and he got me a board bag, leggie, and fins as well! I can't WAIT to try it out. We are planning to have one last surfing ren-des-vous before I go back to the USA in Boranup, Gas Bay, or Redgates down south.

Ben then took me out to dinner at this Retaurant eveyone has been RAVING about in Cottesloe, called the Pink Zulu. If the name didn't give it away, it's African! When we walked in, the atmosphere was amazing- pink zebra hanging lanters, tribal center pieces, and really earthy tones. We tried beers from Namibia and even tasted crocodile on our tasting plates!

Our tasting plate- how pretty is the presentation!

Tasting plate- far right is crocodile!

Ben ordered Snapper as his main.

And I had a seafood kebab.

It was a treat to also be able to skype with Mom in China, as well has have a happy birthday call from my best friend Betsy, and speak to Ben's parents and grandparents! I feel so loved and beyond blessed. Thank you all!


  1. Oh, happiest of days! Love the pix. What's a leggie?

  2. And does croc taste like chicken?

  3. Allie9:24 am

    Leggie- Aussie slang for legrope/ leash

    Everything tastes like Chicken! Haha!


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