June 15, 2011


 My family is 1/3 Asian. From reading about all of my Mom, Abbie, and Andrew's experiences that they have had in China thus far, my heart just smiles thinking about them in their home country more than a decade after their adoption.

I had my own little Asian encounter recently. I had to go to the Chinese Embassy in the city to apply for my Chinese Visa to be able to travel there at the end of the month! When I walked in our conversation went a little bit like this:

Chinese lady: "Whaaa do youu wannnn today?"
Me: "I am here to turn in my VISA application!"
Chinese lady: "Okay you wan BEEESA? Hab a sit over der."
..... long pause filled with Chinese conversations happening around me (and the conversations sound more like loud, monotoned gibberish.)
Chinese lady: "Okay you com back on Monday. Tank you!"
Me: "Smile. Nod. Leave."

The supermarkets are also filled with many Asian workers. My favorite check-out lady at Woolworths (many of you may recognize the name of the old Woolstores,) has given me a rewards card (similar to a Sams Card.) Everytime I checkout at my grocery store at the end of the street, my little lady says, "Do you hab Wooly card!?"

I love that nearly every day, in every environment (be it school or in the community,) I am reminded of my sweet siblings, their home country, and precious culture! Stay tuned to hear about my Chinese experience in less than 3 weeks.
Thanks for reading!

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