May 10, 2011

No Onions and an Eccentric Exhibition

Happy Wedding Week!
My boyfriend (Ben)'s sister is getting married on Saturday- hooray! I am so excited for all of Ben's family to fly over from Sydney, including his 90+ grandmother! I haven't seen them since Christmas and they are the closest to family that I have in Australia, and I love each and every one of them so much. What a sweet few days this will be. 

Jono proposed to Hannah last September in Broome, Northwest Australia on a camel sunset overlooking the Indian Ocean. So precious! It has been a fun few months helping Hannah with wedding things, and celebrating with the happy couple over a series of engagement parties, showers, and hen's parties [bachelorette parties.]

Scots Church in Fremantle, where Hannah and Jono will say the "I-Do's"
Now, I know things can get a little chaotic on wedding days for the Bride as she gets herself ready,which is why, the girlfriend-of-the-brother-of-the-bride (yours truly) has been given 2 very special jobs. :) [Ahem...]

1. Bride and Maid of Honor Lunch- I have been given specific instructions NOT to put onions on whatever I bring them, as they are getting ready (fair enough, who wants their 'you may kiss the bride' famous kiss in front of HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE to smell like an onion?) So... what does one bring a bride before her big day? Something to fill her up so she doesn't pass out on the alter... but not look bloated... or give her indigestion... or bad breath. Ideas?!

2. I am the post-ceremony-photo organiser. What a silly task you might thing, but alas, no. A photo organizer lines up the family and the bridal party after the wedding is over so the 1-2-3-cheeses run as smooth as they possible can. I will be (in typical Allie fashion,) front and center with my list (I love lists and luckily so does Hannah) calling out who is getting their photo taken next. For example, "PARENTS OF THE BRIDE AND GROOM!!!" (Like that.) I am almost tempted to take my own twist on this though. Why keep things so plain? Instead of having a sibling picture, why not mix it up a little with something like, "Cousin of the bride, mixed with Brother of the groom, and dog?" I think when the time comes, I will keep these suggestions to myself [sigh.]

Hoping nobody will frown in Hannah's photos  like sweet Grace Van-Custem did :)
The second issue to be discussed is the reception, which will be held at a beautiful art gallery in Fremantle called Moore&Moore. I thought it was such a unique and clever idea for a wedding reception, and it is just walking distance from the church! Moore & Moore is nestled in the hert of Freo amongst Notre Dame University (I think this area of town is very Charleston-esque.) I love it!!

Moore & Moore Art Gallery and Restaurant, High Street, Fremantle

There is just one tiny problem to this picture perfect day... The art exhibit that is being shown at the moment is very nude eccentric. :( Whoops! We are hoping that what is on the walls at the reception will not be too much of a distraction for everyone.

I am so proud of Hannah though for having such a positive attitude, that although she probably would have chosen something else to be displayed on the walls of her wedding day, she is not letting this ruin it and get in the way! Maybe my job #3 of girlfriend-of-the-brother-of-the-bride should be to prep 90-year-old Nana for what she will witness that evening. :)

Nevertheless, a fun time is bound to be had by all! Bring on the wedding bells!

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